The Marauding Owlbear

D&D, TTRPG, and a growing collection of dice.

About the Owlbear

I started in tabletop RPGs fairly late in life. I was 22 when I first sat around a table to play a game of Paranoia¬†with friends. The impact was lasting and immediate; I’d never had a gaming experience like it and was eager for more. Several months later, when two friends mentioned that they were looking to establish groups to play 5th Edition D&D, I jumped at both opportunities.

I’ve condensed a great deal of D&D into the time since. I’m a player in three campaigns, considering joining a fourth ongoing campaign, and I’m a Dungeon Master in my own homebrew campaign. Currently “D&D night” consists of Tuesday nights, Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, and any moment that I’m not playing, studying, or working on my campaign, I’m probably listening to a D&D podcast or watching a livestream.

Those who know me consider me a notoriously passionate person, but few things have caught that passion with such fervour as tabletop gaming. Among those rare others are my field of study (linguistics, presently undergrad), and writing. The latter is what inspired me to create this site. I’ve loved writing both fiction and nonfiction for as long as I’ve been able to command language. Combining my love for it with my love for tabletop seemed like an inevitable step in my life.

Here you will find articles on various topics related to tabletop RPG, with a particular focus on 5th Edition D&D, reviews, and possibly even previews of adventures. If you enjoy my writing and would like to commission a piece for your site or your game, please do contact me on Twitter or by email.